Robotic bartender system in Ekaterinburg, Russia

What i’ve done:

  • Arm/glass/cap/ice dispenser parts design and 3d printing with PETG and Carbon-Nylon
  • Ice and cup dispenser microcontroller serial bus control and optic sensor system
  • Rfid module

What machine does:

  • Variety of cocktails with ice
  • Shakes
  • Gets plastic/paper cup from dispenser and put it in holder
  • Pours cocktail
  • Washes shaker

Vendor: Tesla Pro

Airsoft pistol Hi-Capa carbine conversion kit

Originally designed and 3d printed kit for Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 GGBB pistol.


  • Fast pistol release (holster style)
  • Spring loaded lock,
  • 6 picatinny rails
  • Osprey-style hollow suppressor
  • M4/M16 stock compatible.
  • Double-sided charging handle
  • Access to all original controls
  • Silencing design

Printed model is sanded and dyed with black semi-matte paint.

Material: PETG

Russian description

You can get it by writing me message or here:

Get print files: CGTrader or contact me on Facebook or VK

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